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Annons design

A premier hair salon platform taken over by dogs

Timma offers a scheduling platform for people interested in scheduling hair, beauty, and massage services. The company wanted to create an advertising campaign that generated greater brand awareness and hired Yaygoo to develop a creative advertising hook.


Venture Capital Fund gets a big bang for their marketing bucks!

The presentation design and logo needed to attract investors yet not be too strict, so our designers needed to find a good balance between a traditional financial design style and a more modern/urban style while also targeting startups.


Animated kids’ videos makes YouTube viewers eyes go square

Record label Cosmos Music had a music catalogue of children’s songs and an inactive YouTube channel. We got the assignment of creating over 30 animated children’s videos as well as enhancing the design and strategy of the YouTube channel.


A Music Podcast listening to a brand new beat

"Hemma hos Strage" is an award-winning podcast hosted by the Swedish journalist Fredrik Strage. Guests include artists such as Lydia Lunch and Richie Ramone. Yaygoo created a re-make and re-design of the podcast’s site.


Wacken Metal Battle får en riktig hardcore-hemsida

"Wacken Metal Battle" is the mother of all metal music battles and is organized by Wacken every year before the big Wacken open-air festival in Germany. Yaygoo was hired to create the website as well as to create a music competition backend and tool for the Swedish market.


Chiropractic clinic going for a website treatment

The client, a successful chiropractic clinic in Stockholm, contracted Yaygoo to redesign its outdated website.


Software company’s code to success

Praktikertjänst-owned company “Frenda” needed a new logo and website to sell their dental-care software.


Eurovision Song Contest

motion graphics

The Belarus Eurovision finalist act, Gunesh, needed stage animations for her live televised performance in Minsk.


A Dyslexia tool gets an innovative new spelling

A young Swedish entrepreneur developed an innovative app that turns your smartphone into a text-to-reader tool for people with dyslexia.


The Ugly Duckling became a beautiful SWAN

SWAN needed a professional website to that attracted all members to their various events, social gatherings, seminars, and panel debates.


One company, two websites

Avenirhälsan is well known for offering two types of wellness services: a health care clinic that offers preventative care and a cosmetic dermatology practice known for its state-of-the art product line and services.

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