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Website design

One company, two websites

"Avenirhälsan" is well known for offering two types of wellness services: a health care clinic that offers preventative care and a cosmetic dermatology practice known for its state-of-the art product line and services. The company hired Yaygoo to create two different website experiences for its two businesses.   


The challenge was to create two different website experiences that distinguished their health care clinic from their skin care line, yet shared Avenirhälsan’s corporate logo. Since Avenirhälsan already differentiates the health care clinic from its cosmetic dermatology practice by brand color, namely red and green respectively, we decided to build on this differentiation for the two websites. 


Yaygoo created two different websites with site architecture that reflected the business goals of the two wellness practices. Hoever, by keeping the corporate logo design intact, Yaygoo set out to demonstrate that visitors would navigate to the site on the merits of the company’s enduring reputation as the go-to destination in Stockholm for people in need of their unique portfolio of services.


The website design provided an easy-to-use appointment scheduling interface and provided keyword rich content that assured visitors they were making the best choice for their health or skin care needs.

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