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Motion Graphics

Eurovision Song Contest
motion graphics

The Belarus Eurovision finalist act, Gunesh, needed stage animations for her live televised performance in Minsk


Gunesh’s song, “I Won’t Cry,” is written and performed in English. Understanding that many members of the live studio and television audiences would not understand the lyrics, especially in her native country of Belarus, Gunesh contracted Yaygoo to create a visual sequence that evoked the song’s meaning through animated images.  


Yaygoo assembled an all-star team of art directors, illustrators, and motion graphic artists to handle the entire creative process, from storyboarding to creating animatics and final animation production in 2D flat animation techniques.

The team produced three different 4K videos that were synced on 3 huge screens for the live performance. Critics and audiences alike praised Gunesh’s innovative performance, which helped secure her successful second-place finish. 

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