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A Dyslexia tool gets an innovative new spelling

A young Swedish entrepreneur developed an innovative app that turns your smartphone into a text-to-reader tool for people with dyslexia (trouble with reading). The one impediment keeping the tool from gaining significant brand awareness and sales traction was a strong online presence. Familiar with Yaygoo’s graphic design and branding work, the entrepreneur enlisted a team of its verified designers to spearhead the development of his tool’s brand, from the development of a product name, to the logo, branding strategy, and creation of a demo video and website. 


Yaygoo gladly welcomed the challenge to develop a name that perfectly encapsulated the functionality of the app while also sounding catchy and easy to remember. It is from this vantage point that Blipsay was born, a term that refers to the sound a scanner traditionally makes and the very act of saying something, in this case, the recitation of the text in question. 


Yaygoo also created a portfolio of online assets that can be used on a variety of social platforms and advertisement mediums, including an explainer video on Blipsay’s brand new website. In demonstrating the app’s ease of use in a variety of contexts, the video brought the app to life, sparking the interest of potential investors and potential customers. Yaygoo was proud to create a campaign that introduces a life-changing resource for people with dyslexia.

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