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Website redesign

The Ugly Duckling became a beautiful SWAN

SWAN (Swedish Women in Arbitration Network) is a professional network that supports women practitioners active in international dispute resolution. Open to members from any country, SWAN needed a professional website to that attracted all members to their various events, social gatherings, seminars, and panel debates.  


As a professional global network, SWAN required a website that is accessible across all digital devices. Yaygoo responded to the challenge by creating a fluid web experience that adapts to the size of the screen no matter what the target device. Improvements to font size and scrolling performance and style improved readability, while improved site speeds significantly improved the website’s overall user experience. These enhancements to the website ensured that all of SWAN’s members. regardless of locale or device, could access important information from the site with great ease.


Yaygoo’s redesign boosted organic traffic and engagement on the website. Most importantly the number of new membership sign-ups grew exponentially shortly after the website’s relaunch, leading to greater turnout at SWAN-sponsored events.

Hemsida re-design
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