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A premier hair salon platform taken over by dogs

Timma offers a scheduling platform for people interested in scheduling hair, beauty, and massage services. The company wanted to create an advertising campaign that generated greater brand awareness and hired Yaygoo to develop a creative advertising hook.


To develop a visual content sales and marketing strategy that distinguishes Timma's e-commerce platform from similar business models. 


Timma wanted to find a unique and memorable way to get its advertising message across. Similar companies in the beauty and wellness traditionally relied on advertisements that emphasize glamorous images of young attractive people wearing the latest hairstyles and fashion trends.


We decided to take the campaign in a fresh, new direction. In place of runway models, we used photos of dogs of different breeds wearing fashionable wigs, outfits, and accessories. The resulting ads were different, clever, and memorable, providing enough comedy and intrigue to grab the eye or ear of the consumers and motivate them to at least consider giving Timma’s services a shot.


Online traffic to the newly revamped website was significant, demonstrating the campaign’s impact, creating an emotional trigger that attracts new customers to the company’s impressive selection of high-quality products and services. 

To date we have delivered this fun concept on print ads, social media posts, digital ads, roll-ups, and many other mediums.

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